Increase Traffic

Engaged in the promotion, each owner seek to attract to your life as many visitors as possible. It is from this indicator depends largely on the rankings in the major search engines. Today there are several ways to increase traffic, but before their application you need to prepare for such a procedure the information resource.

Basic types of traffic

In the Internet there are many gradations of website traffic depending on their inherent types and characteristics. Depending on the main source of traffic can be of the following types:

  1. Paid. This category of site traffic can be conditionally divided into two groups and requires additional payment. This traffic can be attributed to advertising-motivated system.
  2. Search. For this kind of visitors are Internet users that arrived at your website through the search engine results. To achieve good performance search traffic is possible due to proper SEO-promotion.
  3. With third-party resources. Category of site visitors that came to the online through affiliate programs, purchase natural links.
  4. Push traffic. Traffic to the site through interesting newsletters to users who have previously visited the resource.
  5. Straight. This type of traffic is one of the basic and enables the visitors to independently prescribe your resource in the address bar.

We are ready to help to work out the interface and navigation of the resource, to perform numerous indicators of traffic as well as attract new users through proper search engine promotion.

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