Creating a business card site helps to implement a compact web platform with comprehensive information about the customer's business to attract the target audience. Interested users of the resource will always be able to get acquainted with up-to-date data, the latest news, assortment updates, and other important changes in the developing project. On the way to becoming a recognizable brand, it is more profitable for small companies with a limited budget to use the service of developing a business card site, and use the saved funds for marketing and promotion.

Business card site is your business card on the Internet, which is provided for viewing by millions of people in Ukraine and other countries of the world.

The main task of the business card site is to provide basic information about the company's products and services along with contact information.
If you have your own small but profitable business, then a business card site will be an excellent option for many Internet users to get acquainted with Your services (products) and will be a good solution for new companies and individuals with a small budget who want to make themselves known through the global network.
But a business card site is developed not only for commercial purposes, but also for people who want to improve their image and popularity – many Directors and managers of large Organizations have both a regular business card and a web business card.
Creating a website as an online business card is ideal if Your company needs to inform potential customers and partners about its activities as soon as possible.

Choose your content management system:

Website creation on Drupal Website creation on WordPress Website creation on Joomla Website creation on 1S-Bitrix Website creation on MODx

Business card Site is characterized by a personal design of medium complexity, without complex additional maintainers (modules, components, plugins). Basically, a business card site consists of a small number of pages and includes company information, contact information and a travel map, and a news block.

Creating a business card site: price and time

Unlike the corporate counterpart, it is not always necessary to connect a CMS and provide constant support, therefore, less costs for the customer-this becomes a decisive factor. The final price for creating a small site consists of several components:

  • relevance of developing a unique design;
  • the need for adaptive layout for the correct display of the resource on mobile devices;
  • complexity of connecting additional plugins and scripts;
  • number of interactive elements on site pages.

To see the indicative price for the development site vizitki individual calculation of all parameters, please refer to the managers "Web Building".

Development Time and cost of a small website with a minimum among all the sites We develop, on average, website creation business cards takes 1-2 weeks. Minimum price for a business card site as indicated above, it may change depending on the complexity and functionality of the site.

For more information, please contact the Studio's client Manager.

Main nuances and advantages

This online representation allows you to maintain the loyalty of the target audience and respond quickly to incoming requests. To make a big statement about your unique service or product and increase offline sales, it's rational to aim at creating a small website, and then think about scaling later.
Creating a business card site has its own characteristics. The finished web resource will be:

  • 2-4 pages with contact details and General information about the company's activities;
  • contain text blocks with rich, informative content;
  • have an exclusive design;
  • have unloaded functionality.

Font Readability, color compatibility, no unnecessary animation effects, structured and useful text content-all this plays an important role in the process of creating a business card site and after its launch. And search engine optimization after a detailed SEO audit will allow you to get even more value from using the resource.
Aspiring entrepreneurs and startup owners often contact the Web Building Studio with a request to create a business card site.
This will help:

  • reduce the expenditure part of the budget for business positioning on the Internet, advertising campaign;
  • provide CA with round-the-clock access to important information about your company.
  • deliver up-to-date offers to users on time (add, edit, and delete if necessary).
  • if the resource traffic is high, get additional profit from banner ads.
  • organize your own advertising platform and increase the brand's popularity in the network.

How do I order a business card?

Call If you have any difficulties with choosing a CMS for a business card site, or other development issues (for organizing or reorganizing the site), drawing up technical specifications, or pricing, you need to write to us by e-mail. Then expect feedback from the Manager of the "Web Building" studio , who will tell you and explain how to correctly determine the tasks for the new site.

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