Registration Hosting and Domain

From the list of services of the "Web Building" studio, one can single out reliable hosting and domain delegation for studio clients.

Hosting for a new site


Hosting - a service of providing space for the physical location of an Internet resource.

From the list of services studio «Web Building» You can allocate low-cost hosting service for customers studio. The service hosting vhodityat all the necessary tools and features to manage the PSA site. The minimum term of the order hosting half a year for all customers. For customers have ordered the service web site development hosting provided for one year.

Registration of domain

Domain name registration

The list of services studio «Web Building» listed domain name registration in the future administration of the site or when building a website, as well as within the contract site maintenance.
The first step in registering a domain name is the choice of the domain's zone or group of domain areas for further registration.
The second - direct recruitment and selection of the domain name.

Find one or more domain names for registration, in the form below:

To register more domains, please write their names in the box, separated by commas.
Domain name registration is a paid service and is registered for a period of one year.

Registration Rules (re) domain names:

Domain name should contain the following characters: letters of the alphabet (lowercase), numbers, and as a hyphen. The content of any other characters in the domain name is prohibited.
The domain must necessarily begin with any (allowed) and excluding the hyphen character.
When you register a domain UA need a certificate of trademark registration
Domain delegation is necessary to renew once a year.
If payment for re-registration will not be included on the expiration of the delegation, the domain delegation will be suspended.
If within one month after the delegation is not made payment for re-registration, the domain will be released and available for universal registration.
If you have an agreement that includes technical support specialists Site studio time you will be informed about this and if necessary, automatically renew the domain name for funds «Web Building».
When you register a domain name you are the full owner.

Delegation domain in the desired zone: price

Cost of registering a new domain name, or re-registering an existing one, depends on the selected domain zone.

The main domain zones that we provide for further delegation:

  • .net and .net.ua
  • .org and .org.ua
  • .com and .com.ua
  • .kiev.ua
  • . ua*

* - if there is a trademark.

Check the cost of the domain name you are interested in with the Studio managers.

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