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Web portal - often it is not aimed at selling goods or services, but provides, on a paid or free basis, additional opportunities for its customers or Internet users who are interested in the subject of the site.
Creating an Internet portal is an investment in the future that can significantly pay for itself. The portal can provide up-to-date information and enable portal users to receive information in various forms.

A web portal is a site or group of sites with a wide variety of information content and functionality. Portals always contain a large number of materials and other information aimed at a certain segment of the population or like-minded people. Portals are dedicated to one or more topics that describe it broadly and contain huge sections dedicated to one topic.

Developing an Internet portal is a rather complex process, both for the developer and for the direct customer, since the Internet resource is intended for a huge number of visitors.
All portals require administration – site support is necessary because the information on the portal changes and is updated at a fast speed, so after developing the portal, the specialists of the Studio "Web Building" recommend site support for maximum effect.

For most cases, one of the site management systems of choice is quite suitable.

Choose your CMS:

Creating a site on Drupal Creating a site on WordPress Creating a site on Joomla Creating a site on 1С-Битрикс Creating a site on MODx

Need a more complex project with fairly high requirements and individual solutions in the functional part of the site? The best choice is a framework – фреймворк.

Select the appropriate Framework:

Creating a site on Laravel Creating a site on Symfony Creating a site on Yii

Portal site development Time is 30 business days on average. But creating a portal is a very specific and individual issue, and so the timing can vary significantly for individuals.

Creating a web portal: price and time

The Period of creation and cost of a web portal site directly depends on the planned capabilities of the project: the minimum cost of a web portal is specified above, the development time of the portal varies from 2 weeks to 1 month.

The price includes FREE training in site administration!

For more information, please contact the Studio's client Manager.

How do I order a web portal?

Call If you have any difficulties with choosing a CMS for a web portal, or other development issues (for organizing or reorganizing the site), drawing up technical specifications, pricing, you need to write to us by e-mail. After that, expect feedback from the

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