Internet store

Creating an internet store with a unique UX/UI design is guaranteed to increase the company's awareness among interested representatives of the Internet audience. A virtual showcase for placing products with a logical structure and thoughtful content attracts potential customers around the clock.

The main stages of developing an online store:

  • Conducting marketing analysis of the product, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of competitors;
  • Prototyping and content writing stage;
  • Creating a detailed design concept;
  • The key stage of layout and coding with the ability to view through well-known browsers;
  • Checking the correct operation of the resource by testing tools;
  • Final launch of the finished project with the transfer of the site to hosting.

Choosing the right artist to develop an online store

Order professional creation of an internet store from the Web building web Studio for maximum coverage of the target audience and organization of a powerful business representation for the company in the global network. Many successful businesses started their growth with a small online market-an ideal platform for simple, fast and clear search for products and services. If professionals work on the development of an online store, launching advertising campaigns and scaling the business will not take long and will not lead to huge costs.

Some aspiring entrepreneurs fear that the amount spent on creating an online store from scratch will be unaffordable. We recommend you to read the price list of the company "Web Building" and make sure that the final cost of the project with a convenient, functional, memorable content is quite affordable, and this promising investment will pay off quickly enough.

After drawing up the brief and finding out the customer's requirements, an individual technical task is developed. The amount of work to be done, the current budget, and the expected deadline are agreed upon. After clarifying all the details, our team gets down to business. Be sure to connect useful marketing tools that signal future sales, promotions, new product arrivals and updates to the product range. In the segment of e-commerce, during the development of an online store, maximum attention is paid to the thorough development of information content, thinking through a convenient structure of categories and catalog, detailed web Analytics and SEO optimization.

When creatingand an online store, the following pages are created sequentially: home, directories, subdirectories, grocery, breeding. Competent internal optimization helps to promote the resource on the Internet as soon as possible, and external optimization helps to increase the link mass.

Contact the Studio "Web Building" and get a first-class service with comprehensive support of the developed product.

Internet store - is a point of sale of goods via the Internet, which is e-Commerce and trade (e-commerce).

the Rapid pace of development of the global network has made it an integral part of today's business, and the online store is becoming the de facto standard. Indeed, why pay for the rent of premises and keep a large staff with a not low salary in a real store, if you can create an online store and automate your business, in addition, save a considerable amount of money and your personal time. Or why, having a real store, do not create an online store, which will lead to an increase in revenue. Creating an online store –/strong> - open the door of your store for Internet users (future customers).

Choose your site management system:

One very practical and convenient management system, specially designed for creating online stores, is CMS OpenCart, but this system has not yet proven itself strongly enough in comparison with the "giants" of the market such as CMS Magento (a very powerful "engine"), and is a "dark horse" with a bright future. If you are interested in this system, you can learn about all the advantages of Opencart from the analytical material on our website.

Choose your online store management system:

Creating an online store on OpenCart Creating an online store on Magento Creating an online store on Joomla Creating an online store on Drupal Creating an online store on WordPress

Online store - focused on medium-sized businesses, contains effective mechanisms for presenting products and services on the Internet. It has a multifunctional project management system.
The online store includes an individual complex design, an online order form, a product catalog, an order form, and all the necessary functions for an online store.
Each online store is developed for each client separately and can include both standard components and many others, at the client's request.

The average development Time for an online store is 30 business days.

Creating an online store: price and time

The term of creation and price of an online store are the most optimal for a confident start of sales via the Internet. The minimum price of an online store is considered to be the one indicated at the top of our site. the terms are as follows: 3-4 weeks.

The price includes FREE training!

For more information, please contact the Studio's client Manager.

How do I order an online store?

Call If you have any difficulties with choosing a CMS for an online store, or other questions about development (organization or site reorganization), drawing up technical specifications, pricing, you need to write us an e-mail. Then expect feedback from the Manager of theWeb Building Studio , who will tell you and explain how to correctly determine the tasks for the new site.

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