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Corporate site

Process of creating a corporate website for an enterprise and firm

In the process of creating corporate websitea creative tandem of performers and the customer try to achieve the following success factors for the entire project:

  • An attractive and user-friendly interface that stands out from the competition with a unique highlight.
  • Stable and uninterrupted operation of the web resource with high-quality hosting, reliable CMS and timely technical support;
  • Meeting the needs of the target audience, whose representatives visit the online platform to get value in the form of information, emotions, or a specific product.
  • After developing a corporate website, you must update the content, giving the publication of fresh materials as much time as possible;
  • Marketing activity and promotion for scaling and attracting target audience.

How do we work?

The professional "Web Building" team takes a comprehensive approach to organizing online representation of the customer's business. Detailed Analytics and a well-thought-out strategy for creating the company's website helps to actively engage customers and increase their loyalty after launching the resource on the Internet.
The sequence of work on creating the company's website is as follows:

  • Conducting preliminary consultations with the analysis of the customer's requirements and finding the best ways to achieve the project goals;
  • Layout, development of a unique, functional design;
  • Work on page layout and mobile adaptation, integration with CMS;
  • The main stage of programming and testing;
  • The final stage is the launch of the finished product with recommendations for further promotion.

The total cost of creating a turnkey corporate website may be affected by the following factors:

  • Development of exclusive design elements (corporate characters, original illustrations, etc.);
  • Development of additional options with advanced features and functionality related to third-party APIs;
  • Number of landing pages with unique graphics.

To clarify the details and make a request, please contact our managers.

Secrets of the company's selling corporate website

Personalized development of a corporate website from scratch should:

  • Become a reflection of the current brand concept using corporate style, recognizable fonts, and distinctive identifying elements.
  • Play the role of a platform for the correct positioning of the company in a specific market segment;
  • Arouse the interest of users, looking good in the competition;
  • Correctly interact with the CRM functionality with a preliminary audit;
  • To increase the conversion, have a high adaptability to different fast download.

The algorithm for creating a corporate website in the head of the average entrepreneur consists of several steps:

  • Defining project goals and objectives;
  • Drawing up an accurate portrait of the target audience;
  • Identification and analysis of competitors;
  • Highlighting the company's key features and strengths;
  • Selecting the final contractor for the development of a corporate website.
The corporate website is the optimal solution for all companies that want to become leaders in their field of business.

Creating a corporate website is necessary in order to organize fast and effective interaction with clients and partners, and optimize the work of staff? If you still want to optimize your business processes, it's time to order creating a website with a UX/UI design under the sign – "Corporate".
A corporate website is necessary for a company that has been engaged in its business for several years and wants to expand its field of activity, as well as for corporations and organizations that have their representative offices in different cities of Ukraine. Contains detailed information about the company, including history, clearly described information about products (services), links to partner sites and news blocks. In addition, many leading companies create several sites for individual categories and one main site.

For most cases, one of the site management systems of choice is quite suitable.

Choose your CMS:

Creating a site on Drupal Creating a site on WordPress Creating a site on Joomla Creating a site on 1С-Битрикс Creating a site on MODx

Need a more complex project with fairly high requirements and individual solutions in the functional part of the site? The best choice is a framework – фреймворк.

Select the appropriate Framework:

Creating a site on Laravel Creating a site on Symfony Creating a site on Yii

The corporate websiteis an excellent solution for large and medium-sized businesses. it allows you to instantly inform your customers and partners about all events taking place in the company. A corporate website is necessary for a potential client or partner to fully familiarize themselves with the company's activities. Creating a corporate website is definitely the best option for companies that are seriously ready to expand their business in the most popular environment at the moment – the Internet.
The corporate website contains an individual complex design, a news section, price lists, a catalog of products (services), information blocks for clients, partners and employees, and a feedback form.

The development Time for a Corporate website is on average 20 business days.

Creating a corporate website: price and time

The development Time and cost of a corporate website in our Studio is quite low compared to the General market prices, but We guarantee the high quality of our product. The minimum price for a corporate site is the price indicated at the top, but it is not fixed and can be increased if the site with a UX/UI design is functional enough. The average site development time will be three weeks.

How do I order a corporate website?

Call If you have difficulty choosing a CMS/Framework for a corporate site, or other development issues (for organizing or reorganizing the site), drawing up technical specifications, pricing, you need to write to us by e-mail. After that, expect feedback from the Manager of the Web Building Studio, who will tell you and explain how to correctly define the tasks for the new site.

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