Site audit

Audit site - correct decision

Audit website - a detailed analysis, diagnostics site for compliance with its content, structure, and code requirements of search engines and the W3C.
The purpose of audit of the site - to show all the existing shortcomings of the site: an increase in trust the site (by users and search engines), the correctness of the mapping of the resource through the popular Web browsers, to determine the load time.

Audit site: kinds

The audit of site is subdivided into two kinds:

  • Technical audit of site
  • SEO-аудит of site

Technical audit site is a search of errors in a koda, verification of correctness of work of additions, analysis of load of pages, search of the «beaten Refs.s», verification of accordance of texts and images on pages, checking for vulnerability of site et cetera

SEO-audit site is an analysis of searching traffic, analysis of all of internal factors that influence on advancement, purposefulness of subsequent Seo-prodvizheniya and determination of cost of Seo-prodvizheniya.

Species SEO-audit

Audit website two types of external and internal:

result of the external audit of the following:

  • Definition visibility in search engines.
  • Identify target query and analysis of the current position of the site.
  • position analysis in the search engines to "see" the request.
  • quantitation return (backlinks) options and recommendations to them.
  • Comparison of site positions in search engines, with the positions of competitors' sites.
  • Final conclusions and recommendations in a report.
  • results of internal audits following:

    • Determination of the correctness and availability of the site for users.
    • Determination of the correctness and availability of the site for search engines.
    • definition display correctly in browsers.
    • errors in the code.
    • Errors in the structuring.
    • errors in the text.
    • Checking and editing the database.
    • Determination of the number of outbound links and recommendations to them.
    • study the current status of the site's search engine (check indexed pages, checking the number of pages in primary and secondary index of Google, an analysis of indicators of confidence, analysis of PR, Tietz analysis, analysis of Alexa, check for a site in major directories)
    • Final conclusions and recommendations in a report.

    When do you need site audit?

    Site audit is necessary if you need:

    • increase the influx of visitors to the site (customer);
    • learn the strengths and weaknesses of the site location;
    • improve the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet;
    • obtain accurate and efficient strategy for the development site on the Internet.

    Specialists studio «Web Building» suggest you conduct an audit of the site and see its quality. Having obtained the estimate of experts, you can use your site for its intended purpose - to bring profit.
    The duration of the audit is from 3 to 5 days, depending on the complexity and volume of the project can be increased.

    Audit site: price and time

    Will familiarize with a cost and sometimes implementation of works it is possible in a table:

    Audit site
    Audit kind Term Price
    SEO-audit 3-4 days from 70 USD
    Usability-audit 3-4 days from 70 USD
    Technical audit 2-3 day from 50 USD
    SEO-audit of competitors 3-4 days from 100 USD

    When ordering a comprehensive site audit, a 20% discount is valid.

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