WOW-site (Promo site)

The main distinctive features of the promo site are a stylish, creative and dynamic design with bright animation, and the main feature is the development of the logo and its positioning, followed by maintenance and improvement. Achieving these goals is achieved by attracting a high number of visitors. Creating a promo site will allow you to quickly and clearly announce your product on the Internet. Creating websites of this kind is a very time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort from specialists from various branches of Internet technology and Internet marketing.

A promo site is an online resource for promoting a brand, product, service, or even an event on the market.

Specialists of the Studio "Web Building" strongly recommend creating a "serious" advertising company on the Internet immediately after creating a site, since advertising on the Internet is what a promo site is created for.
The promo site package includes an individual complex design with animation developed using HTML-5 and jQuery technology, a feedback form, a guest book, voting forms and product ratings.

Choose your content management system:

Website creation on Drupal Website creation on WordPress Website creation on Joomla Website creation on 1S-Bitrix Website creation on MODx

Promo site development Time is 25 business days on average.

Creating a promo site: price and time

The Period of creation and cost of a promo site can shock marketing pioneers, but there is nothing strange here for experienced specialists-minimum terms at the maximum price. The time to develop a promo site is calculated up to 2 weeks. The price can vary greatly, so the price "from" is indicated at the very top.

The cost of developing a promo site includes subsequent FREE site administration for a period of 1 month!

For more information, please contact the Studio's client Manager.

How do I order a promo site?

Call If you have any difficulties with choosing a CMS for a promo site, or other development issues (for organizing or reorganizing the site), drawing up technical specifications, pricing, you need to write to us by e-mail. After that, expect feedback from the Manager of theStudio"Web Building" , who will tell you and explain how to correctly define the tasks for the new site.

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