Landing Page

Before you start creating a Landing Page, you need to define the main goal that you are trying to achieve:

  • sale of a service or product;
  • accepting requests for product orders;
  • cbtaining contact information of potential customers.

In order not to confuse users, it is enough to select one goal, based on which the content of the landing page will be formed during the creation of a single-page site.
As a preparatory stage before creating a landing page, Web Building specialists conduct a detailed analysis of competitive resources and the target audience. Deep Analytics when developing a Landing Page allows you to navigate the desired structure of a single page, effectively stand out from the competition, and choose several interesting solutions to create a high-quality, exclusive web product. Research on the needs and preferences of the target audience will increase the effectiveness of the landing page, and the percentage of completion of the target action (purchase, sending personal data) will be much higher.
An important element when creating a single-page site is the presence of well-thought-out, structured text content with a unique offer, the advantages of the offer, and working out the objections of the target audience.

The Main benefits of developing a "landing Page" with "Web Building"

Creating a Landing Page in a specialized Studio has a number of advantages:

  • Affordable price, as opposed to a full-fledged corporate website;
  • Fast development cycle;
  • Improved efficiency (tracking user behavior for quick corrections);
  • Great opportunities for graphic design (creating a Landing Page with a beautiful design is easier and faster than developing an attractive multi-page);
  • Visual control of content (if the text is displayed incorrectly, it is easier to find the problem area and fix the problem in a timely manner).

Professional development of the landing page of a site with a high conversion rate involves the use of various effective techniques:

  • the presence of a convincing, clear, understandable and noticeable Call-to-action (split tests will help you choose the best option);
  • Original visual elements;
  • The optimal size of the landing page (if you need to describe the advantages of the offer and provide a detailed description for the buyer, you need to use this);
  • Optimization of loading time, which is set during the creation of the Landing Page;
  • Use of similar keywords in the ad message and landing page;
  • Personalized appeal to a specific segment of the target audience with further insight into the expectations of potential customers.

Contact experienced Web Building experts to develop the Landing Page. Attractive prices, compliance with warranty obligations, following a fixed budget and deadline – you will be 100% satisfied with the result .

Landing Page (Landing page) is a powerful and effective tool for turning targeted visitors to your site into real customers. That is why the creation of a Landing Page should be entrusted to experienced pros – no Amateurs, in such an important issue! When a landing page is developed by a web Studio with an impeccable reputation, you can be sure that the "capture page" made will quickly pay off, and the money invested in it will become a real investment with dividends in a few weeks.

Professional development of Landing Page, with a beautiful and original design, binding to a functional and simple CMS, modern features – specialization of Web Building. Contact us to order a landing page, and we will create a full-fledged system for attracting customers for your site. On the landing page – your offers in the most favorable light, and it is "working", without unrealistic discounts and fake reviews.
As a result, the client comes to you and stays with you!

Choose your content management system:

Website creation on Drupal Website creation on WordPress Website creation on Joomla Website creation on 1S-Bitrix Website creation on MODx

When you Contact Web Building to order a Landing page, you get:

  • Turnkey Solution – a fully ready-to-use system for attracting customers and consumers, giving people the most accurate information about your offers.
  • The Widest contextual advertising capabilities - the settings of the landing pages we create always provide the most effective promotion.
  • Landing page compatible with a simple and convenient CMS to choose from - for quick editing of all changes that occur on the site.
  • A tool for precise interaction with the target audience-Landing Page will be optimized for a precisely defined portrait of a potential client, which will make it easier to turn into a real one.

And this is at a reasonable and affordable cost of developing a landing page. Of course, the price of creating Landing Page just can't be low, because this is a serious project to attract customers. We guarantee quality, and in each individual case, the final cost will transparently reflect the amount of work done. And in any case, it will not be an expense, but a profitable investment, just like creating any other site with Web Building.
We can also guarantee the effectiveness of Landing Page, because it will be developed by a whole group of professionals, consisting of a marketer, web designer, front end programmer, copywriter, project Manager. Before being in your use, "Landing page " will pass all tests and performance.
Do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation and discuss what your Landing Page should look like, which we will create quickly, with turnkey quality guarantees!

How do I order a Landing Page?

Call If you have any difficulties with choosing a CMS for Landing Page, or other development issues (for organizing or reorganizing the site), drawing up technical specifications, pricing, you need to write to us by e-mail. After that, expect feedback from the Manager of theStudio"Web Building" , who will tell you and explain how to correctly define the tasks for the new site.

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