Redesign site

Redesign site – this update of style, graphic look and site structure - full or partial modification of graphic design and site navigation, while retaining all the features and all website content.

Redesign site

Process redesign is not a simple process that requires not only an excellent knowledge of web programming, but also the ability to work with someone else's code. In some cases, redesign of the site is necessary and urgent, and in some the best solution would be to develop the site from scratch - a very complicated redesign may exceed the cost of developing a new site.

Three reasons why a site redesign:
If your company has leading positions, and the sites of competitors is much more colorful and modern, it's definitely a big minus.

Redesign the site and time

Any Internet resource over time requires updates, depending on the group of developers created a resource depends on the duration of the relevance of appearance and structural setting site. The process of "aging" of the site is associated with an ever-growing developing technologies. And only the permanent site administration can keep the site up to standard.

first thing the visitor sees this site - the design (style, image and structure). Originally opinion focuses on the design and then to the necessary information and, therefore, emerged the image of the site will lead to the creation of the subconscious image of the company. It's no wonder there is folk wisdom: "Meet on clothes ...", so your site is the face of your company via the Internet, but when you consider the fact that at this time almost all are over the WAN can say that the site of any person modern company.

If you do not need to redesign the site, and you just need to update the content management system (example: Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, DLE, etc.) to update the site content or functionality of the site, please contact the studio «Web Building», where you can order the service.

Redizayn of site: price and time

A cost of redizayna site can be very different depending on complication work, a price can vary from 90 usd and higher.
Time on redizayn makes a reservation individually with every client of studio.

How to order a website redesign?


If you have difficulty in writing a technical assignment (TOR) for a website redesign, or other questions about a redesign (for a new organization or an old website reorganization), pricing, you need to write to us by e-mail. After that, expect feedback from the manager of the "Web Building" studio, who will prompt and explain how to correctly determine the setting of tasks for the new site.

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