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The work on creating the product catalog site involves creating categories and categories to provide a structured, visual classification of products. This provides the following advantages:

  • Makes site sections more convenient for users to view;
  • Allows you to find a detailed product description yourself.
  • Provides increased sales, thanks to more web views;
  • Saves the cost of printing price lists;
  • Opens the Central Bank free access to the product range around the clock.

The cost of developing a catalog site consists of the following criteria:

  • Urgency of order completion;
  • Advanced navigation system;
  • The choice of a specific CMS;
  • Size of the potential product database.

The main difference between this resource and an online store is the absence of a payment form. To order a service, a potential buyer must spend a few minutes filling out and submitting the application.

Choose reliable performers

Creating a catalog site is suitable for both large companies with an extensive product range, and small firms with a limited, exclusive range. For a start-up project with a limited budget, Web Building experts recommend using the benefits of developing a catalog site, and later think about scaling into a full-fledged online market.
The development of the site for the products so effective? Here are the main advantages of this solution:

  • Assistance in advertising promotion, attracting a new audience of active buyers;
  • Familiarizing interested visitors with the history, advantages, and concept of the brand;
  • Reduce the time for personalized product search due to proper categorization;
  • Solid opportunities for informing the target audience (promotional offers, delivery terms, discounts, sales, etc.);
  • The presence of a built-in gallery in the process of creating a catalog site to increase user confidence;
  • A platform for posting comprehensive contact information (to provide feedback and increase customer loyalty).

The main elements of website development for products are:

  • Exclusive graphic design to stand out from the competition;
  • The CMS connection;
  • Availability of information content for each item;
  • Support for correct display of the resource in popular browsers;
  • Integration of statistics tools for analyzing user behavior;
  • Convenient navigation panel for quick product search;
  • There Is a feedback form, a photo gallery, a block with reviews, and a product slider.

Professional creation of a product catalog site by an experienced Web Building team allows you to achieve the main goal – to launch a web platform with a complete and detailed demonstration of product categories. With comprehensive consulting and technical support throughout the development cycle. Address.

Catalog Site is a site that contains the most extensive information about the company's products and is characterized by a capacious volume of pages, sections, categories, categories, etc.

Detailed development of the product catalog site

If you want to fully provide Internet users (potential customers) with information about your products. In this case, the catalog site is perfect for You.
In some cases, the catalog site may be presented as an online store and have a great similarity, but the significant difference between the catalog site and the online store is the absence of a shopping cart for a complex order via the Internet. Create a website and don't fill it with information incorrectly. When creating a catalog site, you need to fill it with information about all products. The purpose of creating a catalog site is to fully inform the client about the list of products offered.

Site directory it may contain data not only about the products offered, but also any other data: about the company, contacts, etc., but a distinctive feature of the site is the presence of a full catalog of products (services).

Choose your content management system:

Website creation on Drupal Website creation on WordPress Website creation on Joomla Website creation on 1S-Bitrix Website creation on MODx

Business without a website: disadvantages

  1. The Manager searches for clients by calling potential clients from the list of companies, but most often from a large list, he finds only a few, or not one, really worthwhile client, spending the whole day on it.
  2. Calling all day on the phone, the Manager spends a lot of time on outgoing calls and at some points may miss a customer calling the company and wanting to buy products.
  3. in order to familiarize a potential client with the list of products (services), you must print the price list and send it to the client by Fax or mail.

Business with a website – the right choice

  1. Customers will find You themselves.
  2. The Manager will have more free time.
  3. The cost of printing price lists and catalogs will be reduced.
  4. Customers will be able to get acquainted with the list of products themselves.

The standard structure of the catalog site is as follows: catalog of products or/and services, company information (history and contact information). The catalog site, like all other sites developed in the Studio "Web Building", is not limited to standards and can be supplemented.
Website catalog perfect solution for medium and small businesses. Create a website catalog – provide your customers with constant (24 hours a day) access to price lists, product descriptions and be informed about new events in time.
Programmers of the Web Building Studio will be able to create a website catalog, including all Your requirements and suggestions.

The average development Time for a catalog site is 25 business days.

Creating a product catalog site: price and time

The development Period and price for the catalog site is not high compared to the more functional analog in the form of an online store that allows online purchases, the minimum cost of the catalog site is indicated above.as for the site development time, it is on average from 1 to 3 weeks.

The price includes FREE training in site administration!

For more information, please contact the Studio's client Manager.

How do I order a product catalog website?

Call If you have any difficulties with choosing a CMS for a product catalog site, or other development issues (for organizing or reorganizing the site), drawing up technical specifications, pricing, please write to us by e-mail. After that, expect feedback from the Manager of the studio "Web Building", who will tell you and explain how to correctly define the tasks for the new site.

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