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Site administration (support site)

Site Administration (support site) - this is one of the main factors of effective business development and ensuring its leading position among both customers and partners, and the search engines. Keep up-to-date information to customers properly filed the form and have the support site. Only when clearly-established operations and timely update of the website can be made to "talk" with clients in the correct format. Site Administration should carry out a person specializing in this area because amateur or professional low level can quickly and bezpovorotno ruin relationships with customers and partners, or bring them into the MOB misleading or false information is true, but not in time.

Support Site

Site - is a company on the Internet. How do you submit site to their customers and partners, so they will treat you and your business. Professional site administrator, is a manager who is serious about the work, and not a professional site administrator - a manager who is not serious to work. Naturally, the first manager to be more clients and career growth, therefore support: needed if you are serious about your business, make your virtual office will be an attractive studio specialists «Web Building» for which administer the site, and the constant support of the site are daily chores.

Administration site from the studio «Web Building»

Site Administration from the studio «Web Building» very profitable! You save considerably if you order a service support site.

  • You save money because cost of the service site administration costs by more than two times less than hiring a new employee.
  • You do not need by providing the site administrator workbench and additional costs for new staff.
  • you greatly save time.
  • full and quick interchangeability (if your site administrator, for what, for some reason did not come to work, it can not replace the specialist with his own level, in the studio «Web Building », in this situation, one specialist lure of another).
  • Clear and timely relationship.
  • Site support is always on time, otherwise the return you money!

Support Site - volume and routine work, aimed at maintaining the serviceability of a site, the information and technical levels. Administration site requires care, precision, accuracy, punctuality, knowledge of Internet marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization, layout, that is, requires a person who can deal with the support of the site on a professional level.
Walking up to date the company has long made his bet on the Internet. Sites tada companies tend to occupy leading positions in search engine rankings are always of interest to customers and partners, properly filled with content and have a corresponding high level of appearance. A major emphasis is on these companies make regular updates to the website - professional site administration.

Support site and its necessity:

Site support is needed in two situations: with the technical support website and informational support to the site.
Technical support:

  • Daily monitoring of the performance site;
  • Backup website and database with further storage;
  • registration and renewal dommenogo name;
  • Hosting Site;
  • Create and maintain mailboxes.

Information support:

  • Adding a new date information on the site;
  • Adaptation of content on the site.

In addition, you can take advantage of creating a detailed online report, as well as external site optimization - search engine optimization and advertising on the Internet.
If you wish to make your website attractive and profitable, call the studio «Web Building» your desires coincide with our goals.

Site administration (support): price and time

Cost monthly support of site folded depending on the volume of works, minimum cost of 50 usd/month.

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