Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing (Internet Advertising) Internet Marketing - is a complex tool use, methods and principles of classical marketing to advertise on the Internet.
Purpose of internet marketing - is to get maximum effect from a potential audience of the Internet resource.

Internet Advertising

Internet Marketing as a classic marketing consists of the analysis of demand and advertising.
Demand analysis on the Internet - a collection of data for statistics in order to determine the purchasing power of the target audience.
Internet Advertising - a series of measures to promote the Internet resource or product information, which includes Internet-based resource in the global network. Includes a grand arsenal of tools:

  • Search Engine Optimization (promotion, promotion).
  • Contextual advertising.
  • Mediareklama.
  • Banner advertising.
  • Interactive advertising.
  • e-mail marketing.
  • affiliation Marketing (affiliate marketing).
  • Viral Marketing.
  • hidden marketing.

Internet Marketing: an integral part of the advertising company. online advertising are always included in an advertising campaign leading companies
Internet Marketing is a major component of electronic commerce. Internet marketing is also called Web merketing and online-marketing. During the years of internet connection, marketing has become an integral part of any marketing campaign. An advertising company and not to hold it on the Internet - it is an advertisement in the shuffle. Online advertising is growing both in the consumer sector and the market Business to Business (B2B).

Advantage Internet Marketing: Advertising on the Internet

Internet Advertising to enable consumers to obtain the necessary information at any time. Any time a consumer can obtain information about the product and buy it without getting up from his chair.
Internet advertising is much more economical than other types of advertising.
Using the techniques of internet marketing can quickly and easily conduct an advertising company in another country.
Internet Marketing gives clear statistical data on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Internet marketing and business models

At this time Internet marketing is associated with the three business models: the two main - Business to Business (Business to Business - B2B) and business to consumer (Business-To-Consumer - B2C) and the third model that has received less popularity is - a user-friendly (P2P).

Influence of Internet marketing for business

Internet Marketing has a significant impact on business and advertising. That is strongly evident in the service sector and service users. Online-Sales and e-shops "win" more and more popularity.
The main change in internet marketing has made in the advertising industry, where online advertising is actively developing. Forward advertisers to actively change their preferences, and today internet advertising already has a significant share of the advertising market.
The share of online advertising is higher than radio ads.
The growth of commercial Internet sites continues to grow and develop.
Influence of Internet marketing is increasing significantly in B2B - the effect is enhanced with each passing day.
To date, it is impossible to meet the well-known company that does not oprovodit online advertising.

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