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Subscribe to e-mail (e-mail newsletter) - this is a great opportunity to make their business a huge mass of potential customers and partners in a very short period of time, with minimal cash. Value of low price e-mail list with a significant coverage of potential

E-mail newsletter address is of three kinds:

  • Thematic e-mail newsletter.
  • Regional e-mail newsletter.
  • Spam e-mail newsletter.

Thematic e-mail newsletter - a highly effective marketing services. With this distribution is possible in a short period to report on your performance an incredibly large range of stakeholders. Framework for thematic mailing consists only of e-mail addresses of individuals and (or) legal entities whose activities coincide with the theme of the letter, and they received a message is informational value, and thereby achieve high efficiency.
Regional e-mail newsletter - a quick view of informing individuals and entities in a separate vszyatom region. This type of distribution requires persons engaged in business in one or more regional or companies wishing to increase their influence in a particular region.
Spam e-mail newsletter - this massive information notification e-mail users, ignoring the fact that users do not wish to receive this information. Sending spam as well, it happens, it is effective, as is most often applied to a large number of e-mail addresses, which at the same time can cause a negative attitude toward the firm, company, brand or other persons directly carrying out spam mailing list.

Which e-mail newsletter better?

Thematic distribution is much more efficient, since this method of advertising does not violate the rights of the recipient and not when you do not create a negative attitude towards your business, but only inform potential customers and partners on the necessary information for them.

Base Studios "Web Building" has a sufficient number of e-mail addresses of residents and businesses with a variety of areas of activity throughout Ukraine, including separate areas. Framework for e-mail mailing consistently updated and checked for relevance.

E-mail newsletter: price

Cost e-mail newsletter:

E-mail newsletter
Newsletter Audience Amount of recipients Region Price
e-mail newsletter Kyiv large companies and shallow firms of Kyiv 400 395 Kyiv and area 55 usd
e-mail newsletter Kyiv habitants of Kyiv 401 746 Kyiv and area 55 usd
e-mail newsletter Ukraine large companies and shallow firms of Ukraine 728 638 Ukraine 85 usd
e-mail newsletter Ukraine habitants of Ukraine 730 185 Ukraine 85 usd

After delivery a report is given at efektivnosti deliveries.
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