Creation of corporate e-mail

Corporate email is an integral part of modern business culture and now all companies actively use it.

Corporate e-mail

Corporate email is an integral part of modern business culture. Since all companies are now actively using information technology products, the company should now have not only a website on the Internet, but also its own corporate email format.

the company's Corporate mail looks like this: after the usual "dog" icon, the domain of the organization's website is written, and not the name of the mail services that the mailbox belongs to, as for ordinary users. You can create a mailbox (email) for corporate mail using the services of specialists in the field of information technology.

Why do I need corporate mail? 

you need to Create a corporate mailbox in order to look presentable in front of customers. Organizations are treated with the greatest confidence if the Manager decided to make mail on the domain of their company. Company contacts in the form of corporate mail look presentable and solid. Therefore, the corporate format for email has a positive impact on the company's reputation, as well as increases its rating in the eyes of customers. 

How do I create an email with my domain?

in order to create a corporate email, you need to contact a technical specialist who can implement this task. If your company does not have such an employee, this is not a problem. After all, experts from a specialized organization that specializes in this industry – Web Building-know perfectly well how to create mail with their own domain.

to create corporate mail, you will need a hosting service that will store all the company's mail. You can purchase this hosting for rent from the appropriate provider so that all corporate mail of your company is stored on your hosting. You can also configure everything so that mail comes to the hosting of one of the popular mail systems, namely:

  • @gmail
  • other

in Addition, there is a technical possibility to duplicate emails. In other words, your employees can give customers and indicate on business cards the corporate address, which is mail with their domain, but emails will be sent to both work and personal mail, that is, they will be duplicated or forwarded. This feature is necessary to ensure that important emails are not included in spam or accidentally deleted.

How do I create a corporate email account?

web Building Internet solutions Studio specializes in creating technical solutions for business. The range of services includes the creation of corporate mail for commercial organizations, as well as the creation, configuration and maintenance of corporate mail with individual client wishes.
Web Building Specialists will help you take your company's email to a new level!

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