Filling the site and online store

Site filling If you resort to the easy allegory that site design is its flesh and blood, then the content for the site is its heart, and site filling is not a source of life power. if you already have a bright, colorful, and even advanced website, without good and competent text content, it will simply be a useless internet resource. There will be no significant profit from it. For example: an online store, unique content will die in the vast expanses of the internet, but filling an online store can change everything. real site development is always a complex procedure, and for the successful operation of your resource, you definitely need to pay attention to both its visual component and content filling. Filling the site with content consists of filling the site with text information and graphic images.

What should be the content of the site or online store?

Creating websites is done by a professional designer who always knows what design elements and where exactly they should be located in order to interest the visitor, and the navigation is convenient and simple. Therefore, it is rare for anyone to save on design. But for some reason, many people believe that this can easily be done on the content and the site is filled as Ctrl+C Ctrl+V. Although it is the content that is the main tool that can be used to attract an ordinary (maybe even random) visitor to your site to a client who wants to spend money on purchasing the products or services you offer. The most time-consuming process is filling an online store with a product that requires a large mass of content, so it is better to entrust this task to a counter manager who will do it faster and more efficiently.
so if you need a full-fledged, working internet resource that will work effectively, remember that site development is a resource –intensive procedure, but Site filling is no less important! Developing a website that will ensure serious profits is a very difficult task, but it is quite feasible.

By contacting professionals, you will be able to get content that will work for your business, and will never be lost between many other offers of competitors. And to do this, you definitely need well – written "selling" texts-content that can convince a potential buyer that it is your offer that suits them and is worthy of them wanting to use it.
Filling the site with a group of specialists is the first step to a successful business!

Website filling, online store: price

Site filling
Type of filling Price
creating a page with a prepared block of text 15 UAH
image insertion 10 UAH
inserting a table 15 UAH
site page with text and image 25 UAH
site page with text and table 30 UAH
site page with text, image and table 35 UAH
Filling an online store
type of filling Price
50 products 900 - 1 250 UAH
100 products 1 500 - 2 000 UAH
200 products 2 500 - 3 450 UAH
more than 200 products contractual
site parsing from 5 000 UAH

Content management for the site

Content management

Content management is the management of the content of an internet resource.
Translated from English, content-management means content management, and content, in turn, is everything that the site contains: text and graphic fillers, as well as video and audio.

When do I need content management?

Content management service is provided in the following cases:

  1. Filling a new site-after creating a site, its information filling occurs, depending on the quality of filling the site, its trust in search systems depends. filling an existing site – site support: adding up-to-date information to inform site visitors (copywriting, rewriting) and (or) influencing site positions in search systems (search optimization).
  2. Redesign of an existing site is a graphic filling of the site (replacing the old design with a new one in case it becomes obsolete).
  3. A well – filled site is a site with text without syntactic and spelling errors that corresponds to and fully reveals the necessary topic, perfectly fits into the image text, and if necessary, a suitable video and audio filling is selected.
  4. Site content is the only source of site profit! It is the content that” sells " your products and services, and the content that advertises your business or brand on the internet. And the more attractive the content is, the faster your business will develop. But the most basic source of content on the internet is text – the main content of the site.
  5. Writing text for a site is necessary to increase the site's traffic, and professionally written text for a site is copywriting.

Studio "Web Building" provides content management service. Content management from the Web Building Studio is an individual approach to each client, quickly filling the site with up-to-date news and necessary information, working on the site not one, but several specialists at once: a copywriter, SEO optimizer, pr man

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