Development site

Development site Site design - a step towards a successful and profitable business!
Site - this is one of the key aspects of the business.
Objectives for the development of the site can be a great set, but each has its own one. Depending on the purpose of each chooses his own direction for the development of business on the Internet - the development of easy and affordable web site or web site development with a large number of functional, or using flash technology.

Development of high-quality site is not a simple process to quickly create a website can only be the case if you need a business card site, in all other cases, the rapid creation of a site is a site made in haste and the proverb "haste makes waste" is transmitted literally, it is better not to spend money to have fun and alienate potential customers. On this basis, can be completely confident that develop a site for a quality day, impossible! Qualitative development of the site - it is a project that includes not one or two steps, but a whole range of activities.

Which includes development of the site?

Do Developed?

  1. The first thing you need to develop the site is to determine the focus and target audience for which the site will be developed, followed by analysis of the target audience and creating a common type of project.
  2. The second step - a step of designing, creating structures and site design. Followed by direct work on the design and programming code, site - the block under the direction of the selected design.
  3. Tritium step - one of the principal in the process of creating a site - site content. Specialists studio “Web Building” recommend to order service - copywriting, which will continue to significantly increase revenue from the site!
  4. The final step is to test and implement the site.

Web Development is currently one of the main types of services in the B2B (Business to Business), if you have your own business, it must develop, and profit must be increased, but if you do not have their own web site, then your business is growing, not all the guides, and you miss your chance to significantly increase their incomes. In this case, web site development - the development of business for the two sides and a higher quality of service provided, the faster and more efficient business develops and the two sides involved in the development of the site - "Business to Business”.
Internet advertising has a significant share of the advertising industry, developing and increasing its volume each year more and more, and those who do not use advertising on the Internet do not receive a large influx of clients from the global network. If you do not have a website, you will automatically lose the ability to effectively advertise on the Internet, so creating a website requires the development of the site - the first step to a successful business!

PHP MySQL HTML 5 jQuery Ajax

Web Development and CMS

Development of sites - it one of basic services of studio “Web Building”. At creation of site the specialists of studio utillize modern software, allowing maximally to increase quality and decrease burn-time only. If necessary veb-programmisty studios can execute any project and realize it on any platform, or to create it. Vamstoit to know that development of sites is not only with a different functional set and design for the visitors of site (by the so-called front-end interface and functional) but also for his administrator (vnutrenim, ogranichenym, by an administrative interface and functional). Development of site can take a place both with administrative part and without it, I.e. administrative part can quite absent. Certainly the best of all for administration of site to utillize existent and tested time control system content (Content Management System - CMS). But it is needed not always, development of the system of content management dedicaded under a certain project is sometimes required, its functional, original appearance and degree of defence, which owe sootvetstvat' to the put aims in organization and to be unique - unique.
If the necessity of creation of own control system content is not present, the specialists of studio “Web Building” recommend to utillize next control the system CMS “Joomla!”, CMS “Wordpress”, CMS “Drupal” on free basis, and CMS “1s-bitriks” and CMS “Netcat” on commercial basis.
Transferred control system content are most practical and popular CMS in the whole world!

Choose your content management system:

Website creation on Drupal Website creation on WordPress Website creation on Joomla Website creation on 1S-Bitrix Website creation on MODx

Development site on Joomla fine will walk up for internetportals, sites for corporations, internetshops and sites with a large functional set, but stands to know that the most enormous possibilities of Joomla do not limit it, and by Joomla razrabotyvayutsya sites for various destinies: from the simplest site-business card to ob'emneyshego and mnogofunkcianal'nogo portal.
Development site on Wordpress ideal variant for blogov, novostnykh resources and sites with various functional alongside, the distinctive feature of Wordpress is his simplicity in the use, engaged in administration of site on Wordpress practically any man will be able which is acquainted with a computer at minimum level.
Development site on Drupal excellent variant for a site-business card, koprorativnogo site and sites with the not large volume of functions, but flexibility of the system is not denied by the use of Drupal and for serious and functional sites. Among other free CMS, Drupal otlicheatsya by high reliability and safety.
Development site on requiring payment CMS, such as 1C-Bitriks and Netcat bezsposno will walk up for realization of any site, these control the system provide high reliability and maximal comfort in exploitation of site.
Development site on individual control system content fine will walk up for development of any site, the result of dolgovremenoy development is a site maximally proper all of the put tasks.

If you have difficulty with the choice of control system content, calling in a studio “Web Building” you will get advice of specialist which will help and will explain all of advantages of the transferred systems. Similarly in detail will stipulate all of nuances at development of site, that will allow you quickly and it is correct to be determined with raising of tasks for a future site.

Price for website creation
Site type Timing Price
Site-card from 16 days View
Site directory from 18 days View
Corporate site from 20 days View
Internet store from 24 days View
Web Portal from 28 days View
Promotional site up to 14 days View
Landing Page from 16 days View
Template site 1-2 days from 50 USD
Redesign site from 15 days View
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