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Creation site

Creating a website is the most important step for business expansion, because the site is a virtual office of the company, now almost every company has its own "office" on the Internet, and leading companies and people can not imagine their activities without the Internet. Therefore, by contacting Us for website development, you can also get its search engine promotion, an effective advertising company, create a positive image and monitor our work daily!

In the digital age, when more than half of Ukrainian residents place orders for products, goods and services via the Internet. It is up to the business owner to determine how competitive their product will be and how consistently high incoming client traffic will be on a daily basis. For professional assistance in the development of their project, many aspiring entrepreneurs turn to the specialists of our Kiev web Studio.

Competent, profitable site can be identified not only by its beautiful design. This is a means to increase revenue and strengthen the commercial component of your project. A virtuoso combination of pleasant visual, functional and high-quality usability is the key to success. If you are aiming to get a really selling resource, contact the Web Building professionals.

Qualified website development and creation services

Contacting the Web Building company will help you develop a winning concept, design the interface, and think through the UX/UI design of the future site in the shortest possible time. A professional website for personal and corporate use can be ordered for both Kiev residents and residents of remote parts of Ukraine. One of the most "reinforced concrete" advantages in the piggy Bank of the Web Building development team is the fact that we are part of TOP of the best Ukrainian web developers working on the market for more than 10 years!

Our team continues to strive to improve the quality of service, not forgetting to introduce new ideas based on deep analysis of user behavioral factors and market trends. To simplify the management functions of the customer and increase the profitability of the project, we carry out operational control of all processes with the provision of timely technical and information support.

How to avoid making a mistake when choosing a web Studio in Ukraine (Kiev)?

Exceptional professionalism, technical capabilities and rich professional experience are key factors in the search for a performer. Competent choice of tools used, compliance with deadlines, increasing the reach of the target audience and page loading speed, ease of use of the platform and advanced useful functionality-all this can be achieved by the employees of Web Building. Before you finally decide on a contractor, we recommend that you adhere to the following criteria:

  • the presence of a solid portfolio of web studios (a wide range of successfully completed projects is the business card of the implementing company. Analyzing finished works of varying complexity, functional and design diversity, it is easy to draw conclusions about the qualifications of developers. You can take the template you like as the original one and add personalized "highlights" to it. If you can't find examples from the portfolio in the public domain, there is a reason to think about whether the experience of developers really corresponds to what was stated earlier during the first acquaintance);
  • availability of real reviews (you will definitely be able to find mentions about a large web Studio on the web, on thematic forums and regional niche resources with high traffic);
  • availability of experienced performers (working with a young, novice Studio, the customer risks their own material resources. Companies with proven expertise that have long established themselves in the market as experts are more likely to give the developing business the necessary acceleration);
  • synergy between the customer and the performer. It is critically important that the project Manager and the entire team are imbued with the client's idea, delve into the business and are interested in creating an ambitious, top-end product.
  • establishing communications. Open communication, heated discussions, strengthened by a trusting attitude to each other, without rudeness and hiding "pitfalls" is difficult to overestimate;
  • providing legal protection. Legally registered companies, unlike one-day firms, provide guarantees to their clients. And in the event of any conflict situations, in which case you can always resolve the dispute in court.

What types of sites can be ordered in "Web Building"?

We are professionally engaged in the development of landing pages, corporate personalized web sites, online stores, thematic business card sites and catalogs. Regardless of the type of site, their main task is to effectively sell information, products or services.

Most popular sites for customers, TOP 5 sites

  1. Creating a business card site is the first step for a young startup with ambitious plans to scale in a niche. The one-page page contains an information block about what the company is. The business card site still has the potential to transform into a full-fledged corporate platform.
  2. A high-quality Landing Page helps attract visitors, convert leads into buyers, and ensure sales growth of targeted products. The landing page has a selling structure, Call-To-Action, and encourages a person to buy a product or service. The maximum conversion rate for a landing page can reach 40-50%. This is the perfect solution to sell exclusive products, offer promotions, special offers and discounts, and advertise services.
    landing Page can act not only as an independent site, but also be used as an addition to a corporate project when building a profitable online business. Most often, the landing page is promoted using the RRS model and is considered a super effective tool for instant sales.
  3. the Main goal of the corporate website is to attract target audience and strengthen the image of a company that has established traditions and a reputation as a serious player in the niche. When creating a large, multi-level project, developers integrate complex functionality into the system for the convenience of corporate communication, control,and financial and product accounting. The pages corporate website contain detailed information about the company's philosophy, its advantages and disadvantages, goals and ambitions. This approach is focused not only on increasing sales capacity, but also on positioning the company as a niche leader with a wide range of business opportunities.
  4. product catalog Site has similar features to an online store, without the possibility of making online requests. A catalog site is ideal for displaying a company's product range or products whose prices are constantly changing due to currency fluctuations. Each user can use the feedback form to get advice.
  5. for the sale of large quantities of goods, the online storeis widely used with a UX/UI design, a selling block structure, simple navigation, well-established usability, and a set of appropriate functions for quick and easy search and purchase of products in the catalog. The site's "skeleton" consists of various categories and subcategories with product description cards.
    We practice using online store as standard functions (shopping cart, online assistant), and the development of unique functionality (linked to the system of banking institutions, currency conversion, calculator, etc.).

Which CMS to choose for creating a website

Professionals of the Web Building Studio equally trust both free engines with limited functionality and advanced paid analogues. If the selected system fully meets the client's request, saves the project budget and helps to control key parameters, then we made the right choice. We share with you the most popular CMS in Ukraine, which can completely cover the needs of the customer.



Wordpress Platform is an absolute favoriteby popularity among any engines (despite the fact that not only in Ukraine, but also in the world) with extremely simple management functions. Ideal for developing and maintaining websites (small news blogs, online stores with an extensive structure). The main advantages:

  • Increased popularity and awareness (round-the-clock support on thematic forums, if necessary).
  • A solid set of features (a variety of plugins for implementing even the most daring ideas of developers).
  • Availability of a WYSIWYG tool for editing HTML pages.


Fifth of the world's user audience prefers the free Joomla engine. In Ukraine, Jumla was able to establish itself very confidently and occupies a large part of the web development market, and this is understandable, since the platform is the second most popular after WP in the world! This is a powerful tandem of functionality and user-friendliness with a nice interface. Weighty advantage:

  • Attractive UX/UI design.
  • Easy to manage (any average user can deal with the SU).
  • Option to support protocols that restrict access and control.
  • Multifunctional administrative panel.


One of the most powerful and flexible platforms is Drupal, which is included in all CMS Tops, and although it is not mass, it is very popular. Moreover, Drupal is not just a CMS, it is also used as a CMF framework for Internet applications.Drupal has a number of advantages over other platforms, the main ones are:

  • Flexible content customization for the user.
  • Great development opportunities for creating custom web projects with unique features
  • Security and a high degree of protection against various types of vulnerabilities.
  • Good content structuring when working with a large volume.


Simple, intuitive and user-friendly CMS MODx with open source code has long been in the lead and is often used not only for managing sites, but also for creating applications. Key advantages of the " engine»:

  • A convenient and functional SEO module that is easy to configure (internal optimization and promotion of pages in search engines is provided).
  • No failures in the hosting (enough MySQL database, PHP support, web server).
  • Having your own tag syntax for creating clean and understandable template code.


Using the OpenCart e-commerce platform it is convenient to scale an online store. this is the only purpose it is designed for - to create online stores. OpenCart is popular exclusively among the former CIS countries and is well "sharpened" for this audience. It contains useful integrated features and helps you optimize your site for search engine promotion. Even though Joomla has the most powerfultools for creating online stores components such asJoomShopping and Virtuemart, and Wordpressfor e-commerce uses an excellent plugin WooCommerce, OpenCart it has its advantages:

  • There are no difficulties in installation.
  • Syncing with 1C.
  • There are built-in payment systems, including Webmoney.
  • An extensive reporting system with advanced settings for various parameters (orders, cash flow, refunds, etc.).
  • Extensive configuration options (providing products, discounts and promotional offers, creating partner and bonus programs).

It should be understood that the final choice of the engine is primarily influenced by the type of site and the customer's preferences. It is critically important that the CMS functionality provides all the conditions for the implementation of the set business tasks. Web Building specialists are guaranteed to select the optimal platform and give valuable recommendations for further administration.

Turnkey Site: what is included in this concept?

When the client's main goal is to create an effective, profitable website for sales growth, it is best to contact a trusted web Agency with a request to develop a turnkey project. What does this service mean?

  • Site development from scratch is delegated to a single team that will lead the project until the customer accepts the finished result.
  • Performers are deeply immersed in the structure of the client's business models, spend a lot of time analyzing all the features and "pitfalls", i.e. they are looking for everything that can give any clues for maximum accurate communication of information to the target audience;
  • This format of interaction helps to reduce the development time and minimize the risks associated with misunderstandings of key points between participants in the development process.

In addition, it provides significant benefits for customers. A close-knit team of experts will perform the entire range of operations faster and better, saving time on clarifying and coordinating nuances. In addition, the capital's studios are the flagships in providing a range of web services. they are engaged not only in the development, but also in the content, promotion and technical support of the site. The customer is assigned only the intermediate control function.

"Web Building": web solutions Studio

"Web Building" - a team of highly qualified specialists in modern web technologies and effective Internet marketing.
From creating a website to fully positioning a web resource on the Internet. We offer quality and reliability at a reasonable price!

We have been working since 2010 and you can order a website of any level of complexity-from a simple business card site to a corporate web portal or a large online store. In addition, We can provide services to promote a new or existing site using any Internet marketing tools. There ARE no limits! Everything depends only On your budget and desire!

Love for our work and the desire to participate in cool projects, constant personal and career growth helps us to progress, which is regularly confirmed by the high performance of the sites we create. Web Building Studio offers its clients a huge set of advantages:

  • Effective and reliable methods of building platforms for conducting online business in Ukraine.
  • The highest possible level of support (optimization of sites for search promotion, creation of adaptive design, valid layout using a large Arsenal of technical tools + ensuring high page loading speed).
  • A full range of services for the development and promotion of web sites – we create continuous customer traffic, redesign, develop design and connect copywriters to writing feature articles, conduct comprehensive content management with unique creative solutions and fresh ideas for a specific business project.
  • Transparent pricing and official conclusion of agreements. The legal formalization of the contract allows the customer to count on full compensation of funds in case of non-fulfillment of obligations by the contractor.
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