Posting - hidden marketing, it one of very much effective and not dear types of stimulation of demand and bringing in of vninaniya to the advertised commodity/favour.

Hidden marketing on forums and blogs

Hidden Marketing - a complex of measures aimed at creating a sustainable positive brand image, product or service the company among all target audiences: customers, partners and employees.

Hidden Marketing

Hidden marketing on forums, blogs and other online resources

Hidden marketing on forums or blogs is the responsibility of discussions about a brand or a specific product (service) with further monitoring, the creation of new topics for discussion, with a hidden positive public information about the company, product or service. Participants of the forums, blogs, and even party members regard such information as a fully independent evaluation, you can trust. Constant monitoring of the information space allows you to quickly react to any mention of the company, product or service.

Using hidden marketing can solve the following problem:

  • rise in popularity;
  • forming a positive image;
  • neutralize the negative opinion;
  • attention;
  • increase in sales.

Marketing hidden: price

The minimum cost of the advertising company is 200 USD.

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