Creating a website on Wordpress


Do you wish in short terms to get a high-quality web-resource, possessing the necessary you set of functions? At that rate we can offer to you creation of sites on Wordpress, to one of known modern CMS. We guarantee that such web-resource will be able constantly and successfully to decide the tasks put by you.

Make-up under Wordpress and sites on this platform

Why exactly Wordpress? An answer lies on-the-spot: this CMS possesses the set of options, comfortable both for developers and for the customers of site:

  • It is very simple in the use. Man, getting a web-resource with such «adminkoy» able quietly to fill with a site content even in case that to it he by nothing of the kind zanimalsya never. All of instruments of CMS are clear at intuitional level.
  • In spite of all of the simplicity, Wordpress differs yet and the flexibility. It gives an user plenty enough of options for a comfortable management a web-resource. In addition, development sites on Wordpress already implies acceptance of modern decisions and connecting of rich functional. Therefore a site, done on the basis of such CMS, will be able to decide the most serious tasks.
  • Decisions it is on a base simple to realize Wordpress. Due to this property a web-resource with this CMS is created comparatively quickly. Moreover, his functional it is then possible with lightness to correct, changing under aktual'nye needs. Development and make-up under Wordpress differs the flexibility, that very comfortably.

Due to these properties we can realize any necessary you web-resource in minimum possible terms and guarantee high his reliability, contemporaneity, functionality indexes.

Why creation of site on Wordpress it is needed to order for us

Creation of sites

  • Our specialists did plenty of projects of different level on the base of this CMS - for us large experience. We can guarantee quality of the services, operationability of ordering fulfillment and modern level of site on Wordpress.
  • We are ready to decide the different tasks of your web-resource. Both valuable creation of project and make-up can be carried out forces of our specialists under Wordpress already the prepared design. We will do exactly that with CMS, that needs you, thus so quickly, as it only possibly - apply.
  • A cost of professional help on realization of web-resource in any case will be accessible and on 100% objective. In creation of sites we offer all of services on comparatively low prices, and it at obligatory quality of work of our programmers guarantees.
  • Our client does not remain without high-quality support: we are ready to explain to him all of rules of the use of CMS and to consult him on all nascent questions. We work so that to our customers were accessible and clear all of instruments their new veb-resursov.

Apply, if you need a site or separate make-up under Wordpress already the prepared design - will be glad to give a professional help, high-quality and inexpensive.

Server requirements:

System requirements for correct operation WordPress 5:

  • Web server: Apache or Nginx with mod_rewrite module.
  • Database: MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10.1+.
  • PHP Version: minimum PHP 7.3, recommended by PHP 7.4+.
  • Memory: 32MB (for sites with a large number of plug-ins may require more MB of memory).
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