Creating a website on MODx

a Website on MODx

Functionality, stability, usability of the web resource depends on what platform it is made. Realizing that you want to get a modern website with the highest performance in its class, we offer to create it for MODx CMS. This platform is well proven - it is capable web resource of any complexity. And creating a site to MODx is one of the core areas of our business: we know how to deliver all the advantages of this platform are you on the service. And the advantages of CMS really missing what you personally make sure.

Why is the development of sites to MODx: consider the pros of the system

  • Excellent compatibility with web servers Zeus, Apache, IIS, Lighttpd, Nginx, with MVC. The system supports PHP version 4.3.11 (and, of course, above), MooTools, AJAX, prototypem - it is cross-platform and cross-browser that allows to realize the most serious technical solutions.
  • Extensibility CMS - based website creation to MODx is very promising: the code for it can be written in the modules and plugins, it can be upgraded and updated. You will receive a web resource on the platform, ready and able to meet the latest requirements of modern times.
  • easy administration - embedded generation mechanisms directories, news and blogs, you can flexibly control the metadata, not problems to differentiate access rights. Web resource with a wide range, which is actually a highly secure and very easy to maintain it practical.

Due to these opportunities you can create on the platform more than the usability of the website: to make an attractive design, and implement a thoughtful structure, to connect the online store, news and promotional mailings, with convenience for the user to place the button. You will have a web resource that is interesting to the target audience, and to obtain it you need to do only one thing - to contact us.

Professional development site to MODx

Create site to MODx

Choosing us, you can count on the services of experienced team of developers have made the web resources of all kinds of difficulties on all popular platforms. And MODx is no exception - we will create a website based on this CMS and discuss its design, taking into account your desires, paying attention to the brand style. Turning to us, you will get completely ready for effective and smooth operation of the web resource, has all the right tools.
Count on individual solutions, we are attentive to your ideas, and if they are realistic and appropriate to implement, will definitely do it. Professional website development MODx, taking into account all your requirements and current prices - that's our proposal. Contact us, and we guarantee the quality will make you a modern web resources on the most promising and comprehensive platform.

Server requirements:

System requirements for correct operation MODx Revolution:

Minimum system requirements:

  • Web server: Apache 1.3.x, IIS 6.0, Zeus, Cherokee, Nginx, Lighttpd.
  • DBMS: MySQL 4.1.20, Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Must be supported by MyISAM.
  • PHP Version: PHP 5.1.1, running with FastCGI.
  • Memory: 24 MB.
  • Operating system - Linux x86, x86-64, Windows XP, Mac OS X.

Recommended system requirements:

  • Web server: Apache 2.2.x or IIS 7.0.
  • DBMS: MySQL 5.1.x. Must be supported by MyISAM.
  • PHP Version: PHP version 5.1.1 or higher (excluding 5.1.6 / 5.2.0), running with FastCGI. Must be set Opcode cache (APC, Wincache), FastCGI, JSON, cURL, Imagemagick, GD lib, PDO driver database, SimpleXML. Php.ini settings should be as follows: safe_mode off register_globals off magic_quotes_gpc off.
  • Memory: 64MB and above.
  • Operating system - Linux x86, x86-64, Windows Server 2008 and above.
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