Creating a website on Joomla

Site on Joomla

Is a reliable web-resource, possessing wide possibilities and able to decide any task of contemporaneity needed? At that rate we, leaning against work experience, advise to order creation of site on Joomla. Exactly this CMS will do your web-resource comfortable and multifunction so that he will be able faultlessly to get along at the tasks laid on him, as far as serious they were not.
We will explain why we are herein sure. Today creation of site on Joomla is considered one of the best decisions with the use of CMS.

Creation of sites on Joomla: functional

This platform impresses the functionality:

  • It gives a maximum of instruments programmers, allowing them to realize indeed serious and modern projects. The enormous amount of scale veb-resursov with a multilevel structure is done on the base of imenno this CMS.
  • Creation of site on Joomla allows to give an user the enormous amount of options. Getting a web-resource on the basis of this CMS, a man can in a comfortable on your own format plan his work. Addition of content, connecting of ribbon of news, support of publicity blocks - an user have all of these possibilities and ten other.
  • Professional development of sites on Joomla is comfortable yet and that with this CMS not problem to realize a friendly interface. A customer always gets a web-resource, different the high degree of usability. Filling and administration of such site always is maximally simple, in fact for an user needs to execute only logically and intuitional clear operations.

We can boldly trust creation of site on Joomla!

Creation site on Joomla

Do you need services of professionals, able to do an indeed high-quality web-resource? Then our collective exactly will be able you to help.
Creation of sites on Joomla is our specialization. In times of work we realized not alone ten of projects on the base of this CMS, producing veb-resursy of different scale. On our account there are both sites-business cards and large corporate portals.
Today we offer to you 2 variants of collaboration:

  • Complex development of sites can forces of our specialists be executed on Joomla, plugging in itself creation of design. We will be able in comparatively short terms to prepare CMS of web-resource, think over his kind and to realize a project in accordance with corporate style.
  • Also we can carry out creation of site on Joomla on the basis of your ideas, that to execute a make-up on the already prepared design. A web-resource, done on your template, will carry in itself rich functional and to look in exactness how you wanted that.

Naturally, for all of customers the cost of our services settles accounts individually, depending on that, on what chart creation sites on Joomla. Price sew on always objective a help and transparent - it is confirmed by all and singular clients.
Apply - we will provide professional creation of site on Joomla, proper all of norms of contemporaneity.

Server requirements

System requirements for correct operation Joomla 3:

  • Web server: Apache 2.x + with mod_mysql, mod_xml, mod_zlib and mod_rewrite (for SEO URL), Nginx 1.1, Microsoft IIS7*.
  • DBMS: MySQL (InnoDB support required) 5.1 +, MSSQL 10.50.1600.1+, PostgreSQL 8.3.18 +.
  • PHP Version: PHP Magic Quotes GPC off) 5.3.10 and above.
  • Memory: 32MB (for sites with a large number of used komponentov, modules and plugins may need more MB of memory).

* for Microsoft IIS depending on the configuration) you may need: PHP 5.2, MySQL 5.1, Microsoft URL Rewrite Module, FastCGI.

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